Every time you’d go away
I wish you had stayed
I hoped you’d turn and say “I can’t”
Even a few days ago I hoped you’d call
I had faith someday you’d know
That you’d feel and sense the star I send every night
So even the words that might have not meant much,
Within was always a hidden meaning

But since you wouldn’t know
Because I couldn’t stop you
Then you should know.

If I should go
Know how much I cared
So don’t be sad
And know I’ll be there still
But for now I’ll stay on my pill
To be able to hold you one more time
Than keep it in my dreams

I’m not trying to trick your mind
In your heart you probably know what’s yours as I know what’s mine
But in the end we still need to find the time
To look in our eyes, hold hands or let go
And kiss goodbye

For now I’m saying hello.
Meet me, the one who deeply cares
Maybe you don’t need me
But you should know
Till the end, for you I’ll always be here