You didn’t deserve it.
I know that I hurt you.
I know that I disappointed you.
I know that when I uttered the words
“I can’t do this anymore,”
your world came tumbling down.

It was probably too much for you
since you had done nothing but
love and care for me.

I know I was unfair
and that it is unfair of me
to ask for your forgiveness
but I can only hope that one day
you will understand
that I didn’t do it to hurt you
and that you didn’t deserve it.

It’s too soon for you to forgive me
and that’s why I’m not asking you to.

You probably hate me and that hurts me
but I don’t blame you.
I deserve it.
You would have done anything
and everything to make me happy.
For me you always went the extra mile.

Too often I think about how much
harder I should have tried to make us work.
I still don’t get it; I don’t get why was it so hard for me
to love you the way you loved me.

You didn’t deserve the heartbreak.