I’m sorry,
I didn’t mean to make you cry,
I thought I was the hill,
I never thought of the sill,
I’m sorry for everything,
I didn’t mean to hurt you,
It wasn’t my intention,
I was never your moon,
I always came at noon,

You cried all night,
You wanted everything to be alright,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be the best,
I’m like the rest,
I failed the test,
Maybe I wasn’t ever yours,
I’m sorry I am a disappointment,
Puzzled is my statement,
I’m sorry for this lonely music,
I brought you harsh wind,
Lonely was our night of pleasure,
I couldn’t be your love culture,
I hope someday you’ll understand,

Please forgive me,
It wasn’t my place,
I was crawling with the night,
Thoughts of mine damaged,
I wasn’t the note of love,
All I brought is love miscarriage,
I’m sorry I couldn’t pull the trigger,
Even the river I can’t cross,
I’m sorry I am weak,
Situation drowns my heart,
I’m an empty lake,
Your forgiveness will be my tears.