(Dedicated to my mother Fetjie
Mamatjie “Marriam” Skosana uNofanezile)
From my head to toes.
From all angles and circles
Of my body.

From all the challenges of life.
From the darkness to the light.
From the distance we travelled.
From the struggle you fought.
From the sins I have been doing.
From all the disappointment you
Have received from me.

From the happiness we shared together.
From the suffering of my brother.
From the day my father neglected us.
From the day my lover substituted my love.

From the sun rise and dawn.
From the obstacles of my success.
From my veins throughout my spirit.
From your totality you are unique.

From the virtue you are the shining diamond.
From gentility to gentle woman. Oh! MOTHER
You are my comforting blanket in winter.
You are the only introducer of GOD our
Father of Heaven and Earth.

Your warmth is satisfying my soul.
As you prevented me from coldness.
You toss your tender care to me.
I call you the visionary of my journey.
You are the woman I more than admire.
You are the mother of mothers.
The qualified Medical Outcome Tender
Human Emotions Recover.