Sweeter than the creams,
Used to be our dreams.
Woe to us
Shame to us
A creature called care is no more
All we ever want is more.

We placed our dreams in the twilight,
A place where there is no light.
Dreams to live in a peaceful world
Dreams to change us if we could.
We no longer know what love is!
Or even the meaning of what love is!

Our hearts have been darkened
To the light of love that failed to be awakened.
We are failing to exonerate the innocent,
And are ruled by the cruelty scent.
Oblivious people we became,
And now we all are tame.

The earth quakes with our cruelty.
It is wholly aware that we are guilty
Gravity allows us not to get to the sky
β€˜Cause it is aware of our abilities when we are high.
Emotions are now fossils
And now the world is all at ruins.