Vengeance will be mine,
I will ambush them all on my way out.
The day I decide to leave home hell will open,
demons will wanna attach their evil souls to my body.
When I return home as a prodigal son, no more treasure,
will things ever be the same?
Will my father accept me or I will become their servant?

I haven’t raised my voice enough to be heard,
even my knowledge lacks experience
spirit lead me to where my soul can’t reach
Let me reach the alternate goal
Let me serve you, please you and shower you
with love and appreciation.
You guide me through the green pastures
but the grass is always greener on the other side.
I planted my seed on a hard and rocky soil
it never bloomed but a black man never gives up

Father used to tell me if you are looking for a miracle
and you can’t find one then be that miracle
but miracles take time, like my calling.
My destination is on the spiritual level,
as I go down to the underworld
the world of the non-living
may I stay true to myself.