Maybe that house
Made to treat
Today turning patients to corpses
After phlebotomy
Offering placebos only.

Licensed to provide education
Shaping developmental tools and polymaths
Today liberated to smear Vaseline
On female students’ thighs
Loitering education
Producing thugs and pleasure consultants.

I thought of this house
Posing to provide security
Today torturing and slaughtering
Innocent and poor souls
Pilloried for being poor
Protecting thugs and robbers.

Mandated to provide food
Today all workers malingering
To achieve malnutrition
To celebrate hunger deaths.

Voted to provide light and power
Today crowned for blackouts
Blackout super power company
Turning our community light free.

Where are you going?
Failing to provide even a drop of water
Offending your own children
Who rely upon you,
Be responsible.