I’m covered in shame.
Stuck in the past.
I’m glued, God I can’t move
I’m broken, I’m torn.
Light where are you?

No answer
I hear nothing.
God help me get to the light.
Why? Why? Why?
What have I done?
I didn’t know.
I was clueless and I’m still clueless.

Light, light, light I cry…
I’m hanging and falling.
Help, help, help!
Help me get to the light.
Help me see things clearly.
I made a mistake
Too stuck in the past.
I couldn’t move on.
Lord I’m crying …

God I kneel and I pray.
I was lost but now I’m found.
Now I’m happy.
Hope, this is where I am right now.
This is me.
Stuck in the past was never a must.
I had to move on.
Light, light, light
I see you now.