Where did we lose it?
The sympathy, the love, the kindness, humanity?
Whatever happened to “one love, one nation??”
The tender compassion we are supposed to have
What happened?
I was always taught to have love
Love for my neighbors, love for strangers!
But as human beings that has been lost!
Respect? What happened?
What am I supposed to learn
when a person makes another human being suffer
just because of the colour of their skin or where they come from?
What must our children take from that?
What are we teaching them?
What are they going to take in when they see
their parents stealing something someone worked so hard for.
They are not in your country because of their choices
but because of their circumstances.
They are not strangers, no!
They are PEOPLE just like you and I
Trying to make a living.
We have developed this hatred for our African brothers and sisters.
We are all under one skin
but our actions speak differently!
Whoever said an African is not a real African but a stranger in Africa?
Our brothers and sisters live in fear
not knowing what tomorrow holds for them.
Remember life is a wheel :)!!
#One Love
#One blood