The pain I thought I was giving,
Is the pain I am getting in return,
I thought I was teaching you a lesson,
That is what I have as my reason,
When you are mad at me,
The whole world is too,
I thought you loved me,
I thought you were mine only

When love hurts,
A small needle is pushed into my heart,
That’s when I regret the power I have,
That’s when I feel what I made you have,
My actions were expressing my pain,
After your reaction I thought I would gain,
Instead I’m left all alone in the corner of regrets,
Where my mind processes everything,
I didn’t mean to hurt you,
All those were lies addressed to you

My heart is broken,
When love hurts,
I thought you were mine,
I thought you were a vine,
Which produces fruits that are
made by our love.