We may laugh, love, cuddle and fight but when the time is right what we might need is another day.
A day to correct the wrongs.

I wasn’t there to take his place.
I did my best but I was a thousand miles away.
So, when you see my text or hear my voice remember that
I will always stay.

All we might need is another day.
I am not a mind reader but I understood your thoughts
Only that one day…..

You were a star and I was the dark;
You couldn’t shine without me and
I couldn’t be beautiful without you.
Our friend was the moon,
always there to make us more beautiful and brought together.

Don’t we need that one day?
I think we do and I hope I’m not the only one to say so.
All these do’s make me think of Scooby Doo,
always happy, friendly and helpful; that’s how you are.

All we might need is that one day.