What if we’re dreaming,
And the life we’re living ain’t real,
But a deal made before us humans,
And soon we will be awakened
By the sound of a horn
As it will be alerting us to the judgement day,
As the Bibles say.

What if we’re filmed,
Or bugged
And someone is watching and listening
To every word we utter
Every move we make,
And step we take.
What if we are a cast in a movie production,
And the one above is a director,
Soon to cut all the bad-acting characters,
As he edits all scenes.
Ever wondered what happens when people die?
Add me because it’s a tie.
I also want to know,
I don’t wanna lie. GBV

What if the pain and hardness we’re going through
Ain’t really what we’re going through
But another part of the script in the movie we’re acting out.
What if the judgement day,
Ain’t really the judgement day
But a day that we’ll all be hidden behind the scenes
And be no longer on life’s script.

What if we ain’t true,
And the living beings we refer to as popeye/fakes are true?
What if the planet we call earth is
No longer called Earth but Hell
And God has relocated to one of the planets
Far away from Earth?
Reason why he don’t answer to
Our prayers, dreams and resolutions,

Have you ever asked yourself such questions?
Is it normal?
It’s weird, right?
That everything wrong is labelled Devil,
Why not God?
Why is he perfect and Devil bad?
I mean I believe in God but sometimes
I feel like he is the cruel one
And Devil is pure hearted
As a lot of bad things done succeed
But the one done in the right way
Take time to succeed, and some don’t

What if we’re confusing these two?
What if Devil is God and God is Devil?
Don’t ask me…
Only King James knows
As he was the one who found the two names
And the different Bible script
We believe in as human beings.

What if this is all a lie
What if…