What I had was something filled with love
What I had was something greater like the love from above
What I had was something that I never thought would be this big
What I had wasn’t supposed to end this quick
What I had ended faster than a person’s fingers could snap
What I had hit me in the face harder than a slap

What I had got lost
What I had loved me most
What I had completed my heart
What I had didn’t for once tore my heart apart
What I had was the best thing I have ever had
What I had was love in case you haven’t heard

What I had was a girl so beautiful,loving,caring and kind
What I had I shall no longer find
What I had was love that drove me insane and blind
what I had to me was a very important thing
What I had was more than a fling
My insecurities made me lose what I had

This left me feeling bad
Together we stood tall
But divided it seems like I am the one who does nothing but fall
You would offer a shoulder for me to cry on when I had no one to call
We stood tall,taller than the Eiffel tower
After losing what I had my mouth was left sour

I didn’t fight for what I had because losing it left me without power
I shall never again find what I had
With what I had I built unforgettable memories that I will never forget
I managed to break the only heart that adored me
A heart that accepted me for me