Sekaya qhosha, uyaqhosha.
Uhambela emayeni.
Ayonto intlle nalena ayiqhoshelayo.
Qha nje
he is arrogant.

I thought I’d be treated as a queen.
I thought he’d never do anything to hurt his baby.
I thought he’d never play with the egg in his hands.
I never thought that he’d wanna make me an orange or ice-lolli.

Luckily I’m tough as my dad.
Stone-headed as my family.
Kunjalo nje iadvert ndingayi jayiveli.
Andiyivumeli noba ayivumisi.

He needs help just like I do.
Ha has an uncontrollable temper.
And maybe I’m sick in the head.
But at least I know what’s right and what’s wrong.

And because I know that 3 can play the game,
I’m playing it.
I also wanna help him kodwa hayi lendlela enza ngayo.
Indenza ndiphele amandla.

I hope he’ll wake up soon.
And realise that he isn’t going anywhere with what his doing.
I need strength to stay with him and help him.