It interprets in a way that maintains
It controls to lead
Still hidden by metaphor
To become sacred
Mankind deceived by it,
In mending the power source
To forget the system

Leaving it abandoned collecting dust
It knows the truth of control
Yet not allowed to heal
Only seen as a burden
For it helps in feeling pain,
Forgetting the joy it brings
It is a merit
Still to remain unnoticed

Not given enough credit for its being
It knows how to blame
For it is in control
Without it
All is prone to cease

Even with heart-warming words
How it contributes remains unrecognised
The credit is given
To the one not liable
The mistakes it fails to notice
It warms, it cools
It takes, just as it gives

When damaged
Collateral darkness falls to those victimised,
Remaining paralysed
Only saved when it accepts its cause
For it is nothing but the system
It is everything that it controls
All but one, One but all.