Money can buy anything that you desire
Money can make you travel all over the world
Money can drive you crazy
And make you live for it
But is it worth living for?

Money is the root of all kinds of evil
Money is powerful, if you put it to heart
It can break families, friendships and relationships
It can make people conceited, envying, and dishonest
The more money you have,
The more you want
Why are most wealthy people so greedy?
Do not be a fool
God is using you to help the needy

Money is good when people work for it
Through dedication and perseverance
Money is good when used for a good cause
With a generous heart
Money that is worked for grows bit by bit
But money that is wrongly gained disappears bit by bit

Money is just paper and coins
It can tear
It can be lost and stolen
It can also be borrowed
Uncertainty whether it will come back
Therefore no one owns money
It goes from one person to another

But do not be deceived by money
Serve God and live for God
Do good to fellow human beings
Do not worry about what you are going to wear or eat
Do not be anxious about tomorrow, or the future
Listen, God has your back
The father who sees in secret
Will reward you with all that you desire even more