Do I need shades for the future?
Are my endeavors fading?
Am l still shielded by my resistance?
My thoughts are shaded

I’ve lost all motive of promise to myself
I’ve become more sensitive to these
freaky surroundings
Compromise… I tried
but couldn’t reach the point

I feel it too
I do trust in myself
I do let positivity flourish
I do rectify my mistakes
I do resurrect each time

But after all my hand can’t reach that point
and you know why
the universe keeps multiplying
Bad omens keep dividing
Like a malign tumour
I can never cover all traps

Hawks are waiting
for me to be stupendously stupid
So I can be caught
and be sentenced for thinking I can do it
All is unpredictable
And so….

I’m gonna LIVE like I know what’s next
I’m gonna LOVE like I got no hate in me
And I’m gonna BELIEVE like I’ve never been betrayed
I’m gonna LAUGH like I have no single drop of tear in my nerves
And I will spread that SMILE like I’ve never experienced pain
I will find PEACE I Know…