Even when you broke my heart,
Tore us apart,
Forced me to let you go,
I still couldn’t bear watching you fall apart,
I know you’re dating him just to see me
Get hurt and that’s working,
I can’t lie…I still love you,
And there’s no one that will ever be like you,
You still ring a bell in my mind,
Still own a special place in my heart,
It’s true that a person’s role cannot be replaced
By another person’s role in a person’s life,

It’s been 5 years now without you,
3 years with my 3rd girlfriend after you,
But you still pose on my mind
Make my heart smile when thinking about you,
About us and
The moments we used to share,
I’ve realised that I still care,
And I’m much more mature,
Believe me I tried but there’s no cure,
Only you can save me from these feelings,
I’m not saying dump your boyfriend
But this is a torture,
Torture to my heart
As I feel like it’s not fair,
Our love may not have lasted
But we were different,
Focused on what’s significant,
I never thought you would be this arrogant,
But then
Love will always be love,
No matter how two hurt each other,
As experts say, “Where water had stopped, will stop again”
Meaning that those who once met and shared love,
They will share love again
Love will always be love
And no one can avoid such feeling