You were a loving mother
Not only to your children
But also their children
And to your great grandchildren,
To their cousins,
And even to distant relatives.
You were a faithful wife
A good neighbour
And a devout Christian.
Some of us
Since an age so tender
Only knew you as their mother
The lessons you taught us
Are neither found in any school syllabus
Nor in any publication
And no teacher nor institution
Is the cradle of such information
Like baby birds
Sitting on their nests
When their mother arrives
Their mouths spontaneously open
Gulping air in anticipation
Hoping she drops a succulent worm
We were always yearning for your words of wisdom
We were always at the receiving end
Of your love so profound
Its intensity
Reaching every member on the family hierarchy
Your simple hugs
And limitless actions-
Of love and benevolence towards us
Spoke volumes
Narrated deep sentiments of affection
We knew this day was inevitable
But such knowledge-
Sat uncomfortably in our minds
And we willingly brushed it away
We wanted you to linger
To perhaps be around forever
So you may see us prosper
Somehow I feel guilty
That we have exhausted your energy
That would have perhaps sustained you till eternity
But I guess
This is the end of our syllabus
Our studies are finished
Your tutoring role accomplished
And we have graduated.
We will use what you taught us as a powerful sword
By which to fight against this malicious world
Use it as Armour
Through the seemingly malevolent future
To us,
Home was not our cold house
But a warm and loving you
You left us homeless
In a house with declined bliss
When you embarked on the sheep of death
I wish I was there to wave goodbye
But I know you wouldn’t have left
Seeing us hope bereft
I know you are looking down on us here below
Heaven your new address,
And Angels and Seraphs your neighbours