Trapped in a lawless Prison of Hell
Where scum and scoundrels abound
Enslaved like a caged bird without wings
Trying its best to sing.

Red tape covers their mouths
While eagles look down from above
Bulging black eyes engulfed by terror
As thieves steal in the night.

Gunshots of the hardened
Gun-wielding swines
Not giving a damn about others’ lives
Only caring about their own minds
About their own dimes
Taking away others’ lives.

Rules and order
Must still journey on
It takes so long to walk
But is so easy to talk
She talks so much
But she walks so little

All in all
Her feathers are too brittle
Her wings are too timid
She is supported by
Her hosts of eggs
Nurtured directly from her breasts

The little birdies are so tall
Yet their minds are so small
The weak minded turd
Keeps protecting her curs

Still rules have to wall a long way
Before she is able to win
The others
With brains!