“We made it,” I said.

She responded, “Yes, we did. You said we would. Years ago you promised me a life with adventure, and you have lived to that commitment.” She went on to say, “I’m glad I met you. I don’t even want to imagine a life without you.”

I looked at her passionately.

“My angel, thanks for the past years, you have stood by my side. I remember asking you to hold my hand and I will show you the meaning of pure love. Thank you for believing in me and choosing me out of all the other men out there. I know I don’t deserve you but thank you for the good times, for the thousand kisses on my face.”

“I appreciate the support and always rallying behind my dreams. I can never thank you enough for being my escape cave when the world is bitter and unfair.”

“Thank you for wiping my tears with your hands. I can never forget the warmth of your arms when you hug me. Words fail me but thank you a million times. I hope I make you happy and our love will continue to grow day by day. When you sing, my soul is at peace. You are the reason why I always want to rush back home because you will be there.”

“Today I make you a promise. Wherever I wonder around at the end of the day I will always run back to you. When I am away, you are never far away from my thoughts. And as each year goes by, my love for you will always be true. My angel, I love you all day, every day and twice tomorrow.”


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