Oh, baby look at my heart!
It is full of peace and harmony
If you treat it well
I’ll share it with you

Oh, baby I came to you with a problem
I was looking for solutions
But you gave me more than solutions
You gave me resolutions
That led to my revolution and evolutions
Like I was reading a book of revelations
That existed throughout generations
Oh baby, I don’t want to sound like a man in love
But baby, you are my gift from God above
It’s like you were send to put purity in my heart
And a smile on my face

When I look at your body
I see perfection
God clearly took His time
Making no mistake

Just look at your body
Look at your eyes
Look at your nose
Look at your lips
Look at your cheeks

I could go on all day
But it really hurts knowing that none of that is mine