My mouth seeks for words to utter
Words to express a hole in my heart
Every time I try to spit, a sealed glued
Bottle my lips become so difficult to
Open up because a sealed present I am a
Cry dry tears like a desert without water
A fear of crying I have because once I cry
A storm will be experienced

A destroyer I will become if I were to
Drop tear I will tear families apart,
Friends and cousins I will bring tragedy
In everyone’s life like they did to me I
Will make everyone’s life difficult in a
Way that they will feel like it’s their
Last breath

Once I learn to speak a hurricane I will
Become all people will be like a denseless
Piece of paper my words will open olds
Stitched wounds bleeding they will bleed
Until dehydrated they become like a fried
Burnt chicken they will be none will survive
Once I say a word

My heart has a hole like an empty house
A noise that it makes leaves me astonished
While I was busy nursing other people’s problems
Busy they were stabbing me stabbing me from
The inside I never noticed the bleeding of my heart
Because I never knew what color of blood is

I thought that was the sign of my heart
Telling me how happy it is day by day I started
To see it coming out until someone took it and
Gave it to the wolves

That’s when I became vacant, a vulture I became
I was able to walk on red fire without realising
That I was burning my life was now a desert with
No rain, infertile soil I became, no fruits I bear was
Testable slowly, slowly I was cracking
Like a window pane I became

Those who once became part of my life
Were ready to bury me only my skin was
Too stubborn to give in my body was like
An empty bag inside a clean plate without
Food when all was said and done I
Was put to the resting place where all my
Agonies and tragedies were buried with me