You display every hue,
Inside out my soul.
I wish you can see me inside you.

I loved you like no one else in my life,
Maybe one day you will release me of this strife
I fight my heart in distance for you,
I have stabbed myself a thousand times in my life,
If man like me would lose you,
His life can’t be true.

I can’t measure depth of your heart,
Sometimes, I feel like you are never me,
But for you inside me I fight myself
To believe.
I loved you more than anything else,
For now I see you don’t believe.

But there is nothing else
To make you believe.
When I see your eyes,
My heart believes that my dreams had come true,
But you are the only one to make them come true.

I am by myself in this fight,
To me, inside there is plight
Ohh! Baby, I don’t know what your heart has for me,
If I ever do love like this,
I could be lying.
You are the first thing I think of in my mind,
I am few to me, I died eight times
And lived with you inside my heart a million times.
I am feeling so lonely when you’re far,
I did know how to reach for you,
I step inside my soul,
Asking my soul to believe it’s true.
But I resist letting you go, out of my mind.

I loved you with all I had,
But in my heart I pray for you to be not torn asunder,
Every time, I need you closer,
I turn and toss on my bed, and listen to your voice notes
Just to feel you next to me.

I turn every page to write you a poem,
But with you in my bed,
I feel myself losing my breath,
I did write an Oath to be with you forever,
Till now, it’s over
You can’t stand our distance.
I know to you it’s adverse for me to be that far,
But I have to, to make our lives alright,
It’s gone alright, I will hate myself for loving you,
How can you allow me to be at Varsity
When it takes what is so precious?
Like this I feel so weak,
I would have loved someone else,
But putting my trust in you left me empty
It’s OK losing you, better than living a lie.
Hoping someone else will be above you,
My heart is healed by your absence
And memories with this poem are to be erased.

Loving is so hard,
You think you got lifetime
While you got short time
That’s how hard.

I want to know if love lives,
Or if it’s fairytale told.
Till I get old,
I think, I would be like new leaf, every time one leaves me;
My God, it’s hard to be alone;
I will make my life never feel lonely:
I am there,
We all live here
With this poem don’t lose your ear.