River flowing from the eyes to the cheek,
Flooding every time I think,
The journey of life gone in just a click,
Happy are those who see their parents quick,
Every time the clock tick.

The heart full of pain
Life taken without an opportunity to get a name,
Was I chosen for death?
Was I not meant for birth?

The choice that took my dream
Was I in the disciplined team?
Questions left unanswered,
Choices that made my family’s relationship awkward.

I was the chosen amongst a million,
Was I in the womb of the dangerous lion?
Thoughts breaking my mind day by day,
Never given rules to obey.
Love taken away
Animosity given to a sinless child
This are the thoughts of an aborted child

Making me was a mistake,
Killing me was the choice they could take,
Smiling afterwards is the life you will fake,
Hate me enough to kill my future