The sensation of falling in love
without touching their skin or soul,
it’s so priceless.
Tears of joy over old wounds
are proof of emotions.
It’s so delightful.
What an affection!
What an affection!
Love is affection
between beautiful creatures.

Love holds the highest banner
in our daily lives.
The truth is love can make you
cry or laugh for a while,
but to accept to be loved is worth it all.
Sometimes it comes
with trials and heart aches.
The question is,
“What have you learned about commitment,
love, trials, respect and trust?”

Nowadays it’s easy to fall in love,
but rare to find a soulmate or real partner.
Love is inadequate if we aren’t ready!
A wise partner can change your life,
so make a good choice.
We all deserve some moonstruck love.
The question is until when?
There’s a lot of ecstasy in constancy.
Shield yourself against the shattering storm.
Don’t lose yourself in the allure of love.
Let the emotions flow out of you.
Everyone has a soulmate; they will show up.
Heal yourself to grow and save others
from being bled by your unhealed wounds.
Love is not found on 14 February.