Ever since I was fished out
of my mother’s womb, I
never thought my life would
be like this
I always dreamt of a better
tomorrow like my friends

As I sit on the veranda of
my small hut, I see that it
is just a myth

I always thought that everything
would be simple like eating
Nsima with Nandolo.

I never thought
of the thunderstorms that
are not tired of shaking
my boat of life.

As I live I never hope for the pain
that keeps on choking my heart
As days and nights equally
shares the same stage.

I always dreamt of a happy
Life to share with my siblings
but the reality has denied
me as if it owns everything
here on earth.

Life has locked all its door
to avoid my dirty feet
stepping inside its house

It has left me outside to
to have a conversation
with the dust that never
gets ashamed of existing.