They say there ain’t such
a love as perfect love.
They say that’s just your mind
playing tricks on you.
They say that’s just
the fictional side of your mind.

They say that’s just
crazy imaginations.

But the perfect love,
now that’s the type of love
where an individual in a relationship
accepts the flaws of their partner.
Where an individual understands
the type of love they see in movies,
but the bad side of love is
what needs to be expected.

The perfect love is
the kind of love where you understand
you won’t always spend time
with each other.
You won’t always be happy
with each other,
but yet you find yourself drawn
to each other more and more.

The perfect love is the love
that brings you joy and sadness,
the love that makes you crazy
yet sane all at the same time,
the love you don’t want to experience
with anyone else but your lover.

The perfect love gives you
headaches and smiles.
With the perfect love,
you know anything can happen.

With the perfect love,
you’re not just lovers but friends,
not just friends but companions.

This is the perfect love
that I’d love to experience.