You are every men’s dream and treasure.
What more can I ask for?
I thank you for the gift that you have in you and
Passed it on to me.
You give me joy!

You have confiscated my heart
After stealing it single-handedly
And I let you.
It’s no a matter of the circumstances,
But choice.
For you I willingly risk my life
And am willing to take the longest road,
If it is the only one that will take me to you…
Because you are my destiny.

I won’t give in to words of defeat
And, I truly know that you are far by distance
But always close to my heart.
You are the food to my empty soul a
And the true comforter of my fragile heart.
My love for you is deep,
Too strong and too complex
To be truly understood within the framework of words.
OK! Yes, you are the one to die for
And without you I see
No other genuine love than this.