My love lost long ago
Solu was mournful at all times
A bluish pain unfathomable
rippling continuously

My loyal friend always a stick
not only a pen, but an amazing casting
Helping me to bleed from my heart.

My blood captured by pen
Ink bled like magical spells
Scratching the name of my beloved
All melodious desires rose up.

My beloved came to life
It’s not a hallucination
Ink has the power to get it all
Giving living essence to a dead shell
Resurrection of a lovely soul

New birth is optimistic
Taking all virtuous credits
Sparkling as celestial love
Holding the realm of eternal love

The magic of ink is outstanding
It neither fades nor ends
The writers call it a legend
Preserved as a precious treasure

Giving a new turning in life
Remorsefulness can’t get any chance
All over merriness showering
Ink picking all colours glittering.