The great divide between us is that we don’t wear the same skins
Like how the lights in our homes are fuelled by the same power
Yet afforded systemically, in some houses they hold their breaths
Hoping the lights stay on longer
We are humans set apart by conditions
Candlelight outlines the shadows of poverty sitting among us
Even the water flows differently all around
There are land constraints that govern us
Descendants of each tribe lays claim to parts of the land
Our homes don’t feel like home anymore
The women are under constant attack
People are riddled with debts and death
We hunger for a sense of ownership
Of ourselves and all we feel is ours within our border
Protesting for costs of living and free education
Why is someone called a foreigner by how he smells to set him apart while he lives with us
While another is called a tourist if he buys a beach house in the better parts of the land
We are humans set apart by race and systems
The language of our hearts calls us to be better
The heart and our values are what connects us when skin fails