Her kind intelligent eye
Makes mountains disappear
Into thin clouds.
There is no space to write about
The colour of her eyes.

I love her, she loves me
You can see the love by a look in her eye.
But not here in the classroom, I say to myself
Because I am no one special.

She went out and came back in.
Her work took an hour to complete.
Sitting there I felt the heat.
Why the heat?
The reason I felt the heat had died.

I miss Washaya’s classroom,
There is no noise at all.
If there is while she’s in front you’ll feel her cruel eyes on you.

If you have ever seen the sky
So beautiful and wonderful
She is the sky,
The good teacher: proud, clean and qualified.

She always told me to never give up
She stands by me through thick and thin
I sometimes choke on my own words like an ordinary girl.

In her I found a friend,
A sister and a motivator.
A person I could confide in,
A mother figure and a good teacher.

She soon became my best friend
I called her Tika, she called me Ro Age,
A friend like her is hard to find.