I am walking along the road
I don’t even see the beauty of the trees
I don’t even hear the birds singing
I need a chat with the man upstairs

I am overwhelmed by His presence
“Good, we can finally talk”
“Talk to me for we have all the time”
“Where do I start, my heart is heavy”
“Start from the beginning and pour out your heart to me”

I take a deep breath and I say why??…Why…?
My voice starts to crack why??!!
Why take my father away from me
Why take my brother away from me
Why is there so much evil in this world
Why is black brother killing black brother

Tears stream down my face
And I stay in silence to catch my breath
“Continue for the journey is still long,” You say to me
I reply, “Father I am tired, I am tired
I am tired of ever feeling alone
I am tired of all the disappointment
I am tired of waking up to the pillow of tears
I am tired of people pretending to love me
I am tired of constantly comparing myself”

So I break down and fall to my knees
You stand in front of me
And kneel before me
Yes, you stooped down to my level
You lift my chin and look straight into my eyes
You speak a language that only my heart understands

Finally you open your mouth
“You are beautiful, you are precious
You are valuable and you are priceless
I would do anything for you
I have seen your pain and struggles
Your tears I have counted
I have not forgotten the plans I have for your life”
I am happy we got to talk face to face