Diamonds are made under pressure
No wonder they colour darkness
Yes the thrust
My eyes went through
Colour my days today
Oooo! The eleventh trial

Soldier at war though battled
But aimlessly they battle
Ten wounds but the eleventh
Thinking of loyalty they’re victory
Yes every day I could trudge on my way going home
Until the eleventh trial

1st trial
When seeds are sown
Warmth, temperature and air presence
Basically necessity growth
Love not only thine heart’s requirement
You can provide
But also nutrient that will vigour myself and you.

2nd trial
In your presence
I become reactive like potassium
Yes know that your presence bleaches my heart
Don’t pronounce to me you are inert like noble gases
Can’t we be together to form stable compound “potassium chloride”
Love control my explosive nature
I think I love you.

3rd trial
Shakespeare! Shakespeare!
Maybe you could write blindly
Look today what you scribble
Show its true colour
“She doth teach the torches to burn bright”
Is it not this nature eye see
That its light has dried me like I am a leaf
And her natural winds have drifted me to where she heads
Ooooh! Baby I think I love you

4th trial
The death of Sussex
Cost Shakespeare a tragedy “Hamlet”
Let not I write whilst tears river my eyes
Pronounce a sad story to my heart
Most beautiful of thine world
You are baby
I think I love you.

5th trial
“Say neighbour! Neighbour
You are my blessing”
The church pastor spoke
Indeed you staying by my right side
Became my heart blessing
Visualise the pastor that day spoke to my heart a true blessing
I adore you

6th trial
One rib of Adam
Made Eve
In the Garden of Eden
This rib of mine seeks its heart
Yes you’re my most grand
Can’t I gain back my rib
Let me dwell in the site of my left rib flower
I love you.

7th trial
I am yoked to you
This heavy heart of mine
Can only be carried if thine heart and my heart amalgamate
Dear let not this
Burden of thine heart
Stress me forever
I adore you.

8th trial
Your breath so natural
Yet more than perfume
It gives me pleasant environment
Your simple steps
Make my heart resonate
Every thing of yours settles
My heart desires
I can’t lie to the love my heart has for you
‘Cause my lies will punish me
I love you

9th trial
Those dimples that beautifully lead me into the source of pleasure
Let them be mine
Those rosy rips that my eyes stare at are admired by my heart
Let your nature today day me
I think I love you.

10th trial
Do you love me
I love you
What a nature that in it
Tornados are found that blow over my heart
The bark of neem tree heals malaria
But you can heal both malaria and my heart disease
I think I love you.

Trial of success
Sunday day sun me
I, my legs tried to move outside
Forgetting ten heartbreaks from her
She appeared to me
“One last trial,” my heart spoke
Little jokes of adoration
I cracked which set her feeling ablaze
“My merriness is hidden inside your heart”
In her eyes I sensed love
I love you