I touch soulfully.
Whereas you do not touch.
I am between sins & forgiveness.
Whilst you are unforgiving.
But you admire or demand forgiveness.
Presence is my first name.
And absence is your last.

Permit me…
Therefore to be discordant.
The problem is you doubt yourself.
You don’t appreciate nor love yourself,
thus you assume you are
unloved, unapproved, unappreciated,
not cared for,
often wrong and never understood.

Do you care
As you avow or preach to?
If you do then…

What did I eat last week?
How do I feel right now?
What am I going through?

I believe you to be clueless.
You are courageous to tell me
That I am careless.
Yet, I am always there.

I am there to protect you.
Even when my heart authorises me not to.
I listen,
Even when I am overwhelmed with my own challenges.
I advise,
Even when I’m uncommunicative.