The dark world,
A home of anger and jealousy,
Where there’re killings and hatred,
Where there’s competition and corruption,

The dark world,
You’ve turned young ones to drugs, alcohol, and pornography,
You’ve stolen peace in many homes,
And left a chain of poverty and the feeling of emptiness,

The dark world,
When will you stop shedding humans’ blood as a sacrifice?
Why are you planting a seed of deception to our sisters
By making them to go to bed with men
In order to break a chain of poverty?
Why are you rejoicing when seeing a father
Sleeping with his biological daughter?
When married couples are looking at each other
With bitterness and regrets,
Why are you laughing your lungs out
When nations are fighting against each other?

The dark world,
Yes, I’m talking about you, Lucifer,
The fallen angel,
The deceiver and wicked one,
Why can’t people see that you’re the real enemy,
You have sweet words with poisonous venom in them,

The dark world,
Wake up everyone,
For we’re in a spiritual battle,
The battle that is not against flesh and blood,
The battle that can be won by the blood of Jesus,
Wake up nations,
The dark world doesn’t sleep,
He isn’t at peace,