Like sails on a ship, mutually flapping
Caressed by the breeze, gently crawling on the waves
The ocean tumbling and swelling
The essence of my being fixed against the roof and wall in the corner of my enclosure
Stressfully attempting an escape from the chains of rout

Because I refused to surrender to the ground
My quill bleeds, my veins leak mud
I smile while my heart cries, the winds blow the moon to the west
Clouds tent over the earth, rain sprinkles and moisten sand hills
Crops blush with joy while the roof above my head caves in

A happy heart has no room for gloom
Yet a broken one reserves a treasury for the euphoric
It bleeds desire and aspiration as the pen records its wails
As far as the horizon is the distance between the mind and body
Deep as the earth’s core
Is the depth of this passion, beyond words I can explain

I still defy the weakness that lays me down to suffer
If the ink burns it shall scribe, narrate the shape of my inanity.
The cry for my banishment
From the living surprisingly the grip loosened the most dear slipped away
Too fast, too far, her smile still mends the insults I endure
Her pure eyes argue fault, she is enough for me.

Her image in my dialect is a revolution of my historical future
My life story engraved under a waterfall, a spurt of my daily blessings
The flow of my emotional enrichment, without a doubt these scribbles
Are the sketches of my braw, the blue prints of my sloping foundation
The manual of my rise and fall, these spellings are my tears.

Stand far you who know not pain, keep your distance adrift
While lighting strikes me cold, my flesh torn to rags
Burning my existence to ashes, what do you know about love?
Her face is supreme artistry; I recite her name under sparkling sunrays
The beam of her shadow is my shade in the middle of a dessert

My adoration for her knows no boundaries, it charts the limits
I would never reach in pursue of a character to portray her
Her title lies upon a pedestal, purified by most genuine loyalty
My tears shall not fall in her presence, if love still is
Tomorrow will come; my cry is through a pen.

Her heart beat tells soothing tales
When I am in distress her voice gives me solace
If the winds get stronger I focus in her eyes
Lost in the crawling fog of my creativity, I remain calm below the mist.
A weaved configuration of infernal emotions paralleled a frozen island

Even when the tearing has seized my pen will flood spontaneously
Giving life to these words is a torment piercing through my soul
Crushing the being of my individuality, internally dying
Bearing mass on my shoulders, destruction rests on my brawn
My disturbance invokes giggles on the Devil confusing my course

On whom may I lay the responsibility? Who shall I blame?
My tears will remain unseen; they will never see the light of day
The pen signs the seal of my pain, the colour of my mute screams
The heart that once pounded miles of intimacy into my diaphragm
Is the sacred place I set on fire, the heart I destroyed

Is there anybody out there? A hand to heal my bruises
My dying soul rested in her arms begging for resurrection
Still I refuse to let a tear go beyond the wares of my eyes
I let pen cry! Hers’ are my tears, her pain I own
Send me there, to a sanctuary for the dead at heart

She walked with me through the open canyon of my past traumas
Hung with me up, down and in the middle of formidable cliffs of destitute ideas
Mothered the little man in me consuming the energy put in each step she takes towards me
Now hungry from the lot taken back
Her feet walked the dry soil of my life and fertilized it with laughter

Outside, windmills screech with age, time has passed
No longer is the future, I trail on an incomplete journey
Destination unknown neither is the current position
I’ve been here for a while but I will not cry. No! not me.
I will not put my pen to shame
Gallons of anguish fill the slate, the language of an aborted foetus

I inquisitively search for a point where I can survey the distance
A mere thorn bush to find shade under a rock to rest my back
Just a little ditch where I can unleash my pack
A tiny drop of aloe to quench my thirst
Dearest one hear me
Just an infected cave for my body to rot