I have a close friend
No matter what, he is always there
He doesn’t say much
All he does is give me comfort
When I’m happy he just gives me a warm hug

When I’m sad he has it bad
I might not cry because I’m a man
But when I’m with him I cry like hell!
He doesn’t say everything is going to be alright
He just keeps quiet all night
Let me cry sometimes not in his arms but beside him

When I’m with him I feel free
I dream
He gives me time to think
When I’m struggling to sleep
He stays awake just for me

The kind of love he has for me is unexplainable
Things he goes through for me are unimaginable
He is not jealous at all
He doesn’t mind sharing me with all

Another thing about him
He forgives and forgets quickly
He knows my deep and darkest secrets
He promised to forever keep them with him
Even when we fight, he still keeps his promise

Sometimes I look at him and ask
Bed why are you so nice
Sadly he never replies
He barely smiles
Then I throw myself on to him, he loves that

We struggle to find real friends
We end up making beds our best man