Of all the wonderful things on earth, you’re the one that caught my eye,
It took weeks and months to construct a splendid creature like you,
It took me merely half a second to notice a psychedelic flower like you,
Indeed, you’re a creature that brings an everlasting smile to everyone.

You’re a flamboyant flower that seldom grows in deserts,
But a peculiar rose that germinates in exotic areas,
Very far where the grass is verdant,
Where water and trees are engulfed by mountains,
Where the butterflies are perpetually chanting,
Where the constellations of stars are twinkling,
Where a swarm of bees is hovering around the flowers.

Your proximity in a man’s heart quenches the thirst of love,
Every rose has its own thorns, but I see no defects in you,
Even the creator is proud that he has made a gorgeous angel like you,
Your amicable and impeccable appearance makes a man
Chase after you without uttering any single word.
“Felicia Mphela” a luminous star that will always dwell in my sky.