Love brings one to many.
Love accompanies loners to company.
Love gathers individuals to togetherness.
Love speaks while we’re not listening.
Love talks with no words.
Love appears with no image.
Love touches where we are not feeling.
Love happens to be that picture we all fail to draw.
That’s when we know…
Love goes that way.

While you believe you have it.
It turns to be empty in you.
While it leaves us alone,
We still not really lonely.
Though leaving us on our own,
Yet we are not the only.
It just goes on…
Confusing minds,
Without the understanding of it.
That’s how love goes.

Love gives while it takes.
It is sweet without sugar.
It is nearer while it too far.
Love is too blind, for in it we cannot see.
Love is way too far, for we cannot reach.
While you hold it in heart,
No one is feeling it in emotions
When you want it, it don’t want you
And as soon as you do, feelings change for it.
That’s how love goes…