Tell it to my mother, but know this, she has passed away…
I’m stuck with poverty beyond fighting with the government
I could’ve been a TV star…
But I write and read my own poems for entertainment

I’m afraid to die
I keep asking myself why
I can’t have a job?
While others wish so hard to have restaurant experience
Get this, I wish to have a degree in hospitality for instance

Why am I sad mostly than being happy?
Can’t I balance everything as easily as simplifying an equation?
I didn’t become the best in drawing as an artist
But tell that to my mother and please know that she is no longer alive

I don’t have money as if my cash’s gone through a miscarriage
Lately I watch people in their faces for no good or valid reason
This could make you think that my recognition chip is missing
Have I accepted that mom’s gone for good?
Is my behaviour normal if my thinking is explicit?

Yoh! I should put my amateur beat-boxing skills to rest…
You can tell that to my grandmother but know she has passed away
Back then I was insane on my own
Didn’t even complain if my artistic skill was never shown

Against the negative I brought a sifter
Wishing for you to see me set aside all the dirt like a filter
I’ve used the only money I had to study sound engineering
Yet I stopped writing a hip-hop song
Now I’m God fearing.

Today I don’t have even a cent,
I wasted what was the last gift from my mother
If you’re shocked don’t even bother
Tell it to my older brother and older sister
But know they both have passed away

So back to spitting the sickest rhyme
Yes, I own a verse with a punch-line
If each of you has got a flow, I’ll make it mine
My mind is a mine
When you wish I dig for gold guess what I will find?

There’s a disease capable of homicide
It’s there to kill myself esteem, I imagine
The negative impact to my brain cells
Loosing that cash, does my family think my name smells?

I think they hate me
I’d rather be lonely
Until I grow up hopefully…
You will tell all of this to my Mother
But know that she has passed away.