I am still running like Victoria Falls
From my fellow human beings
My legs are still running like Usain Bolt
For fear of another human being
Who is hunting me down like an animal
I no longer fear the darkness
But my own fellow human beings
For they see me as a source of money

They no longer spend time with their families
But are busy chasing after my life
As if it is their dream

Their minds think I am the one to end their poverty
For they see me as a saviour
Of their poverty

I no longer sleep at night
Like the owl
For death is what is chasing my soul
As I live here on earth

I tried telling them that
I am also a human being like them,
Their ears are deaf
To get anything I say

The media no longer airs about society
For I am the society

I am now famous because of my skin colour,
They are busy giving me names
As if they are going to be paid