To have lain there
with your abdomen bare to the blade
just to sign my name without any care,
selfless, in love and brave.
You were Adam’s sacrifice
over a heap of timber,
with a heart heavy and throbbing with passion,
enough to ignite them.
That day, apart from many in the cell,
God himself was an unseen witness to
the symbol that is to be forever.
A symbol that is to bind us in a divine
matrimony of souls.
By it I became your Eve …
I am now intertwined with you
with nerves and fibres and fluids.
We meet in the airways,
in the mystery of lucid dreams …
Gosh! you lay sure and willing …
But every slit stood for the kisses I am
sure to plant on your abs some day.
The blood that seeped through were
what is to be my tears when I’ll at last be
yours in the still of the night …
When I will be the stream
to quench your lust …
When we’ll ride the tides of
orgasms, one after another,
oblivious to everything else.
Everything that matters will be
between the sheets, hot and gluey.
Yes, I can never match your bold gesture
but I am sure to do what I am able:
To be your guide in the outside world,
your elixir when you’re unwell and
everything else you’ll need me to be.