Show me the way
That will lead me to our place
Where we used to embrace our love
Where we used to grow our future
Before we lose it all.
I’m not sure who’s fault
It is, but let us try to fix it
Even though it won’t be that easy
But let us give it a try.
Please take me
Where the sun is shining
So that I will able to read my eyes
And I will find where our dream
Is hiding, maybe under the small beam.
Take me where our heart meets
Where we able to find our needs.
I’m not stating this because of weed
But I proclaim it because of what I feel
And I mean it’s real.
Take me to that small path
We used to walk on with those fat
Tiny and skinny flowers, when we rest,
Do you still remember our promise
That we vowed under that gigantic tree?
It forbids the third part
But ties a knot of our family of three.
Take me where our jubilance stays
Where we freely speak about us
Where I swear to be yours,
Please show me the way
And I will fly to where our dreams
Are hiding, because they are somewhere in the sky.
Take me where I will satisfy your heart
With that love bite kiss
And the veins to fix
Take me.