Volumes of tears spoke
The aftermath provided gowns for fear
Who then shall this veil tears
The cast down prayed for a stretched hand
Lofty men’s ill talk barricaded ways for the reared
Sing, we sing anthems of ego’s exalt
Grounds in cracks remain unresolved

Sermons of pain freed those with relations
Like rays of sun kissing chosen skins
Can the might of life be defined by titles
Why do even preachers prefer those with such
That is life, a trick given to a mortal

On roads,
The meeting is between sages bonded by wages
The collision exerted a cloud blacker than coals
The result left the ground with a frown

As we continue to battle for the mirage of a throne
In search of glitter
To illuminate the lusty rusty souls
Who is to judge another man’s pain
Maybe, a man who fears to talk about his
Then, pressure falls to let egos scream

Knocked by words meant for moons
But home is not such a target
There must be a bigger hole that needs filling up
Judging by how it sucked the passing streams