Lack of knowledge can prove fatal. An inspirational poem about overcoming the struggles of living with Epilepsy.

Deep in the ocean
New as infant
Dark as my hair
Fear in my life.

Is this a punishment?
Would I be able to live a normal life?
Would my friends distance themselves from me?
Will my life be normal again?

Everyday a head-ache would strike
Tears falling like the stormy weather
Day and night I’m at crossroads
My heart is unbearable.

Young as fifteen years old
My future is bleak
Epilepsy is night-mare
Dark clouds hanging over my head.

Digging deep about Epilepsy
I started to find closure
Self-belief, determination were born
Despite my disability I can live a normal life.

I’m not different to others
Disability or not
I’m the captain of my soul
I conquer my dreams and goals.

No matter how many times I fall
I rise
I’m a dreamer
The sky is the limit.