Sugar diabetes you are a heart breaker
Sugar diabetes you are a killer and a
Monster at the same time. You took
Away what was special and precious to
Me. You took my rose my shield of armour
My reason of living here on earth.

You took away my father from me.
Was it because I
Loved him more than anything? Was it
Because he stood by me all the time?
Was it because he protected me at all costs?
Was it because when he looked at me
He saw an angel? Oh how jealous you are!

Why are you doing this?
What’s not yours? Is this what you call
Punishment? Well no it’s not. It’s called
Breaking the hearts of others. you enjoy
Seeing others in pain. Is because you have
Nobody or you are heartless?

Only if you
Were a person I would’ve confronted you
Personally and also told you to bring back
My father. It is because of you that today
I’m fatherless it is because of you that

Today nobody fights for me anymore it
Is because of you that today I miss my
Father. Sugar diabetes you are cruel I will
Never forget what you did to me.

Sugar diabetes you should die and stop
Harassing other people’s lives. You should
Learn not to take what’s not yours.

Ncedo Mnconywa