I thought there was no chemistry between us,
I doubted that you wanted this relationship,
Now I’m struggling to pick up the pace,
If only I knew that you wanted this,
If only I knew that you love me,
I could have than more than my best,
Not just to stay in this relationship but
Also to give you the manifestation
You never had about love

I am now struggling to keep my promises,
Not only to you but to myself also,
For me falling in love was easy but
Staying in it, it’s new for me mentally.
Since you are serious about this relationship
And love is easy for us please don’t make it hard,
I know love has been a stranger to you,
But I’m the one who will chance it for you,
How can we both stay in love?

Some obstacles are not meant for me alone,
They are meant for us both to face them,
These are the moments I need you the most,
Quitting has never been an option for the both of us,
That can only mean one thing for us,
In this love we are meant to stay together.