Through the first sight of you,
I knew my soul had found a perfect mate.
We were dazed with infusing chemistry of our minds,
Consumed with our teenage love affairs,
Mixing chemicals with rooted feelings,
Inclusive of all emotions’ dealings.
During physical science classes.

While you became my go-to residence,
As we worked through the atlas maps,
While envisioning our future,
With constant revision of our promises to each other.

Do you recall
The intense touch you desired from my soft-warm hands,
With specific guidelines to your fulfilment.

Do you recall how our love
Had to be contained
In front of spectators
That they felt entitled to our life story.
To whether we should hold or not in public.

Our love was not meant to survive a decade.

For our kinsmen continuously fought against our blazing union,
With fire burning love in contrast with their belief system.

Our lives
Continued to be
Filled with constant
Acquaintances’ declines,
Family meeting recliner,
Tagged with fears,
And overwhelming tears,
With never-ending tests.
For our love was never meant
To last lifetime
As most historical books
Tell us.

For our love was unique.
Everyone else believed,
Our love was not meant to survive a decade.
As we worked through to our happiness.
Embraced our joy
For all to see.
In the end
Only we mattered…