All that I wanted was you,
All that I live for is you,
All that I do, I do it for the sake of love,
All that I saw in you back then is love,
All that I think of is you,
All that…it’s because of who you are.

One day, I had a dream of my passed-away mother,
All that she said was…my son, don’t do the same mistakes,
I done in this world, love isn’t a mistake,
All that happens at night will show only in the morning,
Now it’s your time to fix all my doings,
All my mistakes have passed to you.

Mama, please give me reasons why I have to love?
Why do I have to love? Mama…why?
I was never loved as a child, happiness was an enmity,
All those tears came to me while there was no one to wipe,
Now I have to love? Huh?
Mama, answer me…mama, all that I need is you to give me love,
I always hope that someday we will meet and show me love,
Mama, I was the reason why you were alive.

Mama, I have a son now, a person to live for,
All that happened won’t repeat itself,
All that I never received your grandchild will,
All those tears I received while I was still in your womb
Won’t be reviewed again,
All that I live for is my son and wife,
All that I live for it’s them,
All that was your doing,
Thank you, mama
Thank you, Nontombi Ncazela “may you soul rest in peace”
Thank you, Mandisa Ncazela
Thank you, Boniswa Ncazela
You’re all the reason why I’m alive.